I have been isolated in darkness for quite sometime, watching as you stand in the spotlight. All I ask for is to feel the warmth of the brightness but I don’t dare show my face or name because I’m not right. My brokenness is too much for me to accept so I hide in the cold darkness with it so you don’t have to. Although you can see me every day in the crowd, your gaze will just pass through. I want the exposure as you have and be free from this abyss of shame but is it possible? What If I introduced you to the real me is it plausible? Would you listen? Would you see past my guilt and our differences and help unlock a warden from his own prison? Would you turn in disgust as I begin to discuss the brokenness I clutch with a death grip filled with lust and stuffed into the corner of solitude because of my distrust? Im taking the stage enough is enough.
– Anonymous

I would like to introduce myself
Hi my name is Storm that’s not a joke
I’d been corrupt with lust since 16 years ago.
I vividly began exhibiting behavior crying out for sympathy and intimacy. I would rather steal love than accept it when it was given to me. Oh I’d have years if I could count the hours I’ve spent addicted. And the tears would fill up a sea from looking in the mirror trying to cure the affliction. But i wasn’t the answer. I was only the corruption fueling the cancer. Sure I believe Jesus died and is alive but he’s mad at me. I have to kill this single handedly to be a part of Christianity. Every time I would swear and quit sin, it mimicked my savior after three days it’s alive again! But I missed it when Jesus said were not condemned before he said go on and don’t sin again – the empowerment of grace is the precious, promise that he left us he took me and he cleansed what, I had kept caged like a zoo. The elephant in the room is now the same proof I can show you that I’ve been made new. Christ said What defined you before is now full of my glory, now get out of hiding and tell them your story.


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