Blood Stained Grace

I Created the world
Then imagined you
Put my hands in the dirt
And my dream became true

In the garden we walked
And at sins first touch
I’d trade heaven for earth
In exchange for love

Born as a man
To embrace deaths wrath
I’ll conquer the world
Just to have you back

I Healed the sick
Though there was no cure
Gave sight to the blind
When sin left you blurred

I Silenced the storm
When your fear ran deep
And walked on the water
As chaos became peace

With food for few men
I had thousands eat
Raised up the dead
As if they were asleep

I crouched in your hurt
As I walked to that cross
Felt the warmth of your shame
As you breathed out taunts

The voids in my palms
Is the guilt you hold
And the cuts from my crown
Is the worth you sold

My arms forced and stretched
Are as tense as you now
The fight in my lungs
Is the plea of a vow

I choked and I begged
For the forgiveness of man
Though they hung me for death
They didn’t understand

The gold of my blood
Is the worth I’d trade
For the filthiest of men
That spit in my face

I declare it is finished
Then rose from the grave
The cross I traded you
Is blood stained with grace


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